Monday, March 28, 2011

Autonomous Robotic Vehicles

Interesting stuff, I have to say that the 'mind control' tag line is a bit misleading.  Maybe this is more like 'hands free driving'... ;-)

Robots Podcast #74 (25Mar2011): Mind Control

Slide for 2011Mar25 Robots Podcast, Episode 74: Mind Control

Raul Rojas, who was also featured in Robots Podcast Episode 64: Autonomous Vehicles, returns to discuss the work being done at AutoNOMOS Labs to develop an interface that allows a person to direct a largely autonomous vehicle with their thoughts. He is followed by Geoff Mackellar, CTO and Research Manager of Emotiv, developers of the EPOC neuroheadset used by AutoNOMOS Labs. Finally, the web page for this episode links to a TED talk given by Tan Le of Emotiv.